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About us

SANUS is a polish firm established in 1992. We deliver medical items to the biggest orthopaedic clinics in Poland. We have exported devices to the most of European countries and United States.

SANUS company has established and applies a quality system ISO 9001:2008 for designing, production and distribution of orthopaedic items in accordance with TÜV CERT procedures.
SANUS products have CE sign and fulfill all conditions of European directives.

(Polish Joint Stabilizers “Adam’s Shell”) are protective stabilizers to protect damaged bones, joints, tendons and muscles especially lower, upper extremities and shoulders against consequences of undesirable movement and secondary injuries (trauma).
They are used by Ambulance Service, Rescue Teams, (sport) doctors in rehabilitation, after orthopaedical surgical procedures and also in the First Aid.
Stabilizers are made of velour fabric covered with Sanitized® finish, which prevents bacterial and fungal growth, protects against microbes and unpleasant odours and prolongs the material’s durability.

– light,
– easy to clean,
– easy to put on and take off,
– maintains proper blood flow and provides the extremity with thermal comfort,
– the metal splints ensure sufficient rigidity required for full immobilisation,
– the applied flexion angles comply with the requirements set before joint immobilisation devices.

The equipment should be used in accordance with the recommendation of a doctor or a qualified rehabilitation specialist.

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